Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials I

Volume 177

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.177

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Authors: Guang Lei Zhang, Guo Qiang Qin, Hui Gao, Chang Tao Shao

Abstract: This paper focused on the properties of Al2O3-rainforced feldspar dental ceramic. The results indicated that the introduced Al2O3 could...

Authors: Guan Ling Su, Zhong Min Zhao, Long Zhang, Xue Gang Huang, Chuan Zeng Pan

Abstract: By introducing self-pressure processing into combustion synthesis under high gravity, Al2O3-ZrO2(4Y) eutectic composite ceramics without...

Authors: T.Z. Liu, Shu Wang Duo, H. Zhang, M.J. Ran

Abstract: ZnO films with random and highly (002)-preferred orientation were deposited on nanostructured Al (n-Al) /glass and glass substrates at room...

Authors: Jin Xue Zhang, Guo Dong Hao, Jin Li Ji

Abstract: Ceramic coatings with the main crystalline of TiO2 were prepared on Ti-6Al-4V alloy by pulsed bi-polar Micro-arc Oxidation (MAO) in Na2SiO3...

Authors: Xi Bao Li, Jian Wang, Xiao Hua Yu, Hong Xing Gu, Gang Qin Shao

Abstract: NiO-YSZ (NiO-yttria stabilized zirconia, 3:2, wt.%) and samaria doped ceria (SDC) tapes were prepared by aqueous tape casting. NiO-YSZ...

Authors: Tao Jiang, Ke Wei Pan

Abstract: Fe3Al/Al2O3 composites were fabricated by pressureless sintering in this research. Fe3Al intermetallics compounds powders were fabricated by...

Authors: De Cai Li, Zhi Li Zhang, Shao Lan Zhang

Abstract: The Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles were prepared through co-precipitation of Fe3+ and Fe2+ with ammonium hydroxide. The initially obtained...

Authors: Jian Bo Yu, Zhong Ming Ren, B.Q. Wang, Y.W. Zhang

Abstract: A series of silica -based ceramic cores sintered at 1150°C, 1200°C for different times were prepared, and this study compared the...

Authors: Zhao Yong Ding, Bao Min Sun, Yuan Chao Liu, Bing Hao Xu, Yong Hong Guo

Abstract: Pyramid sharped pyrolysis flame is a new method for carbon nanotubes synthesis. Oxy-acetylene flame outside the frustum of pyramid sharped...

Authors: Rong Hui Hua, Li Wei Zhou

Abstract: It is necessary to discover the factors that block small-medium enterprises (SMEs) do financing successful. The paper describes market...


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