Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials I

Volume 177

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.177

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Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Kang Yan Zeng, Shi Song Luo, Hong Wen Ma, Wen Yue Bi, Hui Feng Zhao, Yan Na Gao

Abstract: Light-yellow glass was prepared by coating silver film on the flat glass substrate surface with sol-gel dip-coating process. The chemical...

Authors: G.C. Yuan, Q.G. Wu, Guo Xun Zeng, Z.Y. Ling

Abstract: The ultrafine glassy powder of Al-Si-Ca-P-O-F polynary system was prepared by liquid precipitation method with several inorganic compounds...

Authors: Zhuo Hao Xiao, Jian Er Zhou, Yong Qing Wang

Abstract: MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 glass-ceramics containing 4.0w% alkali oxides were prepared by conven- tional melt quenching technique. The effects of heat...

Authors: Jing Gao, Ji Hua Chen, Fu Wang, Zai Xi Deng, Feng Li, Dan Wu

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of heat pressing on the microstructure and properties of a novel lithium disilicate...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Yi Wen Hu, Yin Wu, Wen Jie Si

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the crystal phase formation behavior and its influence on the mechanical properties of...

Authors: H.B. Zhou, Yi Wang Bao, Yan Qiu, Lan Chen, Xiu Fang Wang, Kun Ming Li

Abstract: Initiation and propagation of Hertz crack in glass was investigated by combining sphere indentation test and optical microscope under a...

Authors: Shu Ming Wang, Ying Chun Zhang, Feng Hua Kuang, Qing Zhi Yan, Chang Chun Ge, Long Hao Qi

Abstract: In this article we present the testing, evaluation of infrared radiation properties of polycrystalline materials especially as...

Authors: Bin Deng, Huai Xiu Lu, Long Quan Shao, Yuan Fu Yi, Jie Liu, Kang Lin Hou, Wei Wei Zhang, Ning Wen

Abstract: Objective: to evaluate the biological safety of a colored alumina/glass composite in terms of cytotoxicity and hemolytic ability. Methods:...

Authors: Huai Xiu Lu, Bin Deng, Long Quan Shao, Yuan Fu Yi, Jie Liu, Wei Wei Zhang, Ning Wen

Abstract: Objective: to describe and demonstrate an oral mucosa irritation and a skin sensitivity test for evaluation of the biological safety of a...

Authors: Ping Ping Wu, Cheng Zhang, Hai Fang Xu, De Xin Huang, Bing Xu, Dan Yu Jiang

Abstract: Static short-term corrosion tests were performed to two kinds of borosilicate glasses in deionized water, at 70°C and 150°C, respectively....


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