Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials I

Volume 177

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.177

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Authors: Lei Qin, Qian Qian Zhong, Shi Feng Huang, Xin Cheng

Abstract: This study utilized embedded piezoelectric transducers for monitoring of cement hydration process. Longitudinal ultrasonic transducer which...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Yu Rong Wei, Shi Song Luo, Kang Yan Zeng, De Jun Li, Hong Fei Wang, Yue Xiang Li, Xiao Tie Wei

Abstract: As a porous material, foam concrete can be manufactured not only into building materials with good heat insulation performance, but also...

Authors: Dan Jin, Wu Yao, An Ming She, Xiao Yan Liu

Abstract: For water filled porous materials, the difference between the relaxation time of molecules at the pore surface and the relaxation time of...

Authors: Wen Jie Tan, Jun Chang, Zheng Mao Ye

Abstract: The testing method for detecting cement paste agglomeration is investigated. Furthermore, the procedure and feasibility are also discussed....

Authors: Zhi Qiang Li, Zong Hui Zhou, Dong Yu Xu, Jing Hua Yu

Abstract: The influences of particle size and mixing content of coarse cement on the self-healing ability of concrete were researched by ultrasonic...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Shi Song Luo, Yan Na Gao, Hong Fei Wang, Yue Xiang Li, Yu Rong Wei, Xiao Jian Wang

Abstract: The pore structure and microstructure of the foam concrete was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and light microscopy combined with...

Authors: Quan Jiang, Yu Jun Liu, Ru Ping Liu

Abstract: Treat the steel bars by hot dip galvanizing technology to prepare steel concrete specimen. Adopt artificial accelerated corrosion test to...

Authors: Wu Yao, Kang Liang

Abstract: Hardness of Calcium Silicate Hydrate (CSH) at different ages was measured by nanoindentation test. The results show obvious indentation size...

Authors: Lan Chen, Hua Zhong Xiang, Cheng Zhang, Yi Wang Bao

Abstract: This paper describes the temperature effect on breakage behavior of cement clinker by single particle compression test. Portland cement...

Authors: Li Xiong Gao, Li Juan Kong, Lei Xu

Abstract: Testing strength curve of 1400~1900 density grade and LC15~LC50 strength grade lightweight aggregate concrete by rebound method was studied...


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