Testing and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials I

Volume 177

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.177

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Authors: Hai Qiu Zhou, Han Ning Xiao, Xue Yan Hu

Abstract: A series of physical and chemical changes, including the shrinkage and the phase transformation, will continuously take place during the...

Authors: Yang Jian Xu, Dai Hui Tu, Jian Hui Jia

Abstract: The steady thermal stress distributions and effect factors in a ceramic/FGM/metal composite EFBC plate with temperature-dependent material...

Authors: Guo Jian Jiang, Jia Yue Xu, Hui Shen, Yan Zhang, Gui Hua Peng, Han Rui Zhuang, Wen Lan Li, Su Ying Xu, Yong Jun Mao

Abstract: Si3N4 ceramics have been fabricated through pressureless sintering and hot-pressing sintering with MgSiN2-Y2O3 or only MgSiN2 as sintering...

Authors: Guang Hui Bai, Peng Xu, Peng Cheng Li, Tong Song Wang

Abstract: Thermal dehydration kinetics of aluminum sulfate hydrates was studied with TG/DTA under static open air environment. It was found that the...

Authors: Juan Yang, Qin Qin Liu, Chuang Liang Zang, Xiao Nong Cheng

Abstract: Negative thermal expansion (NTE) material ZrWMoO8 was prepared by hydrothermal method. The phase structure and morphology of the obtained...

Authors: Ming Zhu, Mei Shuan Li

Abstract: Cr-Al-N coatings were deposited on the surface of the (111) single silicon for the aim to study the thermal stability of this kind of...

Authors: Xing Yong Gu, Ting Luo, Shao Ling Wu, Jun Ming Wu

Abstract: The IR-2 Dual-Band Emissivity Measuring Instrument is widely used in the domestic normal temperature infrared technology research field at...

Authors: Shu Fang Zheng, Guo Xuan Xiong, Hai Qing Huang, Liu Jun Luo

Abstract: Nano-porous Barium ferrite (BaFe12O19) nanoparticles were synthesized by sol-gel technique using CTAB as template. The structure,...

Authors: Qing Kai Xing, Zhi Jian Peng, Xiu Li Fu, Zhi Qiang Fu, Cheng Biao Wang, Long Hao Qi, He Zhuo Miao

Abstract: Mn-Zn ferrites doped with Cr3+ were prepared by “one-step synthesis” and conventional two-step synthesis methods, respectively. Their phase...

Authors: Han Han Jiang, Ming Lin Jin, Zhan Yong Wang, Qi Zhong Chen, Hui Chun Qian

Abstract: In this paper, the green body was prepared by pre-roasted material of strontium ferrite, adding 0.2 to 9% the rare earth additive, by wet...


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