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Authors: Hao Ding, Yue Bo Wang, Ning Liang, Bai Kun Wang
Abstract:Activation methods to improve the adsorption property of natural zeolite by inorganic acid and heat treatments at high temperature were...
Authors: Liang Dong Feng, Bo Qing Chen, Ying Ying Shi, Ying Wei Guo, Jing Huang, Man Sun, Ya Xin Gu, Deng Hao Li
Abstract:1, 10-phenanthroline and triethylamine modified palygorskites were prepared by microwave irradiation, and characterized with FT-IR technique....
Authors: Ji Yuan Li, Ya Jing Li, Cai Lou Zhou, Chang Ping Wang, Shan Hui Hong
Abstract:Organosepiolite has been prepared by exchanging with hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) as a modifier. The adsorption kinetics and...
Authors: She Jiang Liu, Xiu Li Liu, Li Ping Jiang
Abstract:The contamination of nitrate in groundwater has become an ever-increasing environmental problem. To understand the process of nitrate...
Authors: Dai Mei Chen, Jian Chen, Xu Ming Wang, Xin Long Luan, Hai Peng Ji, Feng Xu
Abstract:Sodium stearate modified montmorillonite(SSTA-MMT) is prepared by using the anion surfactant sodium stearate, and its structure is...
Authors: Bai Feng Li, Xing Guo Liang, Jun Ren, Qing Shan Li
Abstract:Gravity model has been applied to trade and tourism for long. This paper analyzes the decisive factor of Zhangqiu’s tourist resource from the...
Authors: Xiao Long Lu, Qing Guo Tang, Jin Sheng Liang, Yan Ding, Hao Guo
Abstract:Based on the dispersion characters of organic modified attapulgite (OAT) short fibers in nature rubber (NR) matrix, this paper analyzed the...
Authors: Qing Guo Tang, Fei Wang, Li Wei Li, Jin Sheng Liang
Abstract:The relationship between surface properties and water vapor absorption performance was studied according to crystal structure and surface...
Authors: Tong Jiang Peng, Hong Juan Sun, Hai Feng Liu
Abstract:Based on the crystal chemistry characteristics of industrial vermiculite, the application mineralogy characteristics of the industrial...
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