Kinetics of LiFePO4 Cathode Material Prepared by Carbothermal Reduction Method


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The kinetic parameters of each stage of LiFePO4 material prepared by carbothermal reduction method were calculated using the Doyle-Ozawa and Kissinger methods. The results showed that the final maximum activation energy of LiFePO4 material was 189.26kJ/mol. The peak shape index, response factor, frequency factor and rate equation of each stage were calculated using the Kissinger methods.



Edited by:

Jinsheng Liang and Lijuan Wang






X. F. Jie et al., "Kinetics of LiFePO4 Cathode Material Prepared by Carbothermal Reduction Method", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 178, pp. 172-179, 2011

Online since:

December 2010




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