Advance in Ecological Environment Functional Materials and Ion Industry II

Volume 178

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xia Xu, Hao Ding, Ning Liang, Yue Bo Wang, Wei Yan

Abstract: To activate the reactivity of sericite and make it have the abilities of ion exchange and intercalation between layers, the effects of heat...

Authors: Xiu Qin Ou, Guang Chuan Liang, Li Wang, Qing Zhu Song, Zuo Rui Wang

Abstract: Lithium iron phosphate with varied Fe/P molar ratio was synthesized from LiOH, FeSO4, and H3PO4 by...

Authors: Xu Ming Wang, Yan Xi Deng, Yan Feng Li

Abstract: Wet grinding of diatomite was carried out in a stirred mill. The changes in particle size, specific surface area and structure or the...

Authors: Li Jun Han, Jun Ping Meng, Jin Sheng Liang, Kun Gan, Yan Ding, You De Yuan

Abstract: According to the hypothesis that the tourmaline particle is composed of crystal electric dipoles, the far infrared emission and its...

Authors: Ai Hong Guo, Xue Jiao Tang, Bao Gui Zhang

Abstract: It is a method of preparing hypophosphorous acid with electrodialysis. It comprises Ti-PbO2 anode, an insoluble cathode and an aqueous...

Authors: Hong Han, Xu Gu, Jin Long Jiang, Dong Li, Wen Wang

Abstract: Attapulgite clay and Poly aluminum chloride (PAC) combination process was adopted for enhanced coagulation on micro-polluted raw water, TOC...

Authors: Li Wang, Yu Shan, Zong Lin Zhang, Guang Chuan Liang, Xiu Qin Ou

Abstract: Phase pure Li4Ti5O12/C composite was synthesized by sol-gel method using lithium acetate CH3COOLi•2H2O and tetrabutyl titanate [Ti(OC4H9)4]...

Authors: Jun Feng Su, Shan Shan Wang, Wen Long Xia

Abstract: The objective of this work was to investigate the color stability in air under photo-oxidative degradation influencing consumer acceptance...

Authors: Zhan Shen Zheng, Pei Qi Yan, Rui Jiao Li, Hui Yang

Abstract: The sol-gel method was chosen in the experiment to make nano-structured coatings on the ceramics. In this experiment the TEOS, ETOH were...

Authors: Yi Lin Han, Jin Sheng Liang, Jun Ping Meng, Pei Peng Wang, Xi Mu

Abstract: Elbaite powders were roasted for 2 h at different temperatures from 300 to 950°C, and the effect on saturation vapor pressure of water was...


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