Advance in Ecological Environment Functional Materials and Ion Industry II

Volume 178

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Liang, Hao Ding, Yong Teng Hu, Bai Kun Wang

Abstract: . Zn2+/diatomite antibacterial agent was prepared by diatomite loading and solidifying Zn2+ in its holes through ion exchange and heat...

Authors: Yan Peng Jiang, Tong Jiang Peng, Hong Juan Sun

Abstract: Chrysotile asbestos tailing was broken down into active magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide by roasting. The activation product of...

Authors: Jing Xie, Shang Yue Shen, Yu Xia Luo, Meng Meng Zhang, Ying Chen

Abstract: Epoxy resin/ montmorillonite (EP/MMT) composite was prepared via monomer insert in-situ polymerization. It was shown that the EP/MMT...

Authors: Hao Ding, Xia Xu, Ning Liang, Yue Bo Wang

Abstract: Sericite nanoflakes were prepared by exfoliating sericite layers by wet ultrafine grinding. Their appearance morphologies and main...

Authors: Li Min Gao, Guang Chuan Liang, Li Wang, Xiao Ke Zhi, Xiao Fei Jie

Abstract: LiFePO4/C powders were synthesized by carbothermal reduction method using Li2CO3 (A.R), FePO4 (A.R) and glucose as raw materials. In this...

Authors: Xiu Li Liu, Lin Zhao, She Jiang Liu, Cheng Yang Cui

Abstract: In this study, a biological permeable reactive barrier system was designed to evaluate the remediation effectiveness of BTEX-contaminated...

Authors: Jin Sheng Liang, Dong Mei Zhang, Yan Ding, Jun Ping Meng

Abstract: Influence of micro-environmental factors in animal breeding room on healthy growth of animal was discussed, such as harmful chemical gas,...

Authors: Zhi Hong Li, Kai Gao, Xue Song Li, Yu Mei Zhu, Peng Fei Wang

Abstract: Diamond polycrystalline composites with some different elements were prepared by HPHT (high pressure and high temperature). The dependence...

Authors: Cui Xia Li, Zhi Hong Li, Xue Yan Du, Shi Yi Shi

Abstract: Fe-Pt binary alloy thin films were fabricated through a pluse electrodeposition in a novel bath with a simple composition on copper...

Authors: Chao Liu, Xiu Jie Ji, Shan Shan Zhao, Dong Xia Ma, Song Li

Abstract: With the assistance of anion surfactant sodium dodecyl sulphonate (SDS), spindle-shaped nanostructured lithium iron phosphate (S-LFP) was...


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