Advance in Ecological Environment Functional Materials and Ion Industry II

Volume 178

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Hu, Hui Zheng, Shang Yue Shen, Hong Chang Han, Hui Jing, Shuo Li

Abstract: The melamine phosphate (MP) was synthesized from melamine and phosphate acid. Zinc oxide (ZnO) was used as a synergistic agent by adding...

Authors: Xu Gu, Jin Long Jiang, Dong Li

Abstract: Attapulgite clay coated Ag/AgBr/TiO2 visible light photocatalyst was prepared by an impregnation-deposition-precipitation method. The...

Authors: Cui Xia Li, Zhi Hong Li, Xue Yan Du, Hai Xia Guo

Abstract: FePt nanoparticles (NPS), ~2nm in diameter, were synthesized and then coated with silica (SiO2) shells ~1.5nm-thick using reverse micelles...

Authors: Shan Shan Zhao, Chao Liu, Xiu Jie Ji, Song Li, Dong Xia Ma

Abstract: The ordered lamellar nanostructured zirconias were prepared via atmospheric reflux and hydrothermal hybrid method in ethanol-water system by...

Authors: Jun Sheng Yuan, Fei Li, Hui Ru Han, Zhi Yong Ji

Abstract: Potassium ionic sieve membrane was synthesized on porous α-Al2O3 tube support by the hydrothermal synthesis. The zeolite membranes were...

Authors: Pei Peng Wang, Jin Sheng Liang, Jun Ping Meng, Yan Ding, Yi Lin Han

Abstract: The chemical composition of tourmaline crystal structure was investigated by using Diamond software and the relationship between the far...

Authors: Hong Yan Xu, Xing Tong Chen, Ai Hong Guo

Abstract: Al-pillared rectorites (Al-REC) were synthesized from naturally occurring rectorite through exchange of interlamellar ions with...

Authors: Cong Chen, Fei Wang, Jin Sheng Liang, Qing Guo Tang

Abstract: In this text, the effective thermal conductivity of different shape filler particles was investigated. The thermal insulation coatings were...

Authors: Chun Hua Bai, Shui Lin Zheng, Zhi Ming Sun, Shao Min Lei, Jing Ya Gui, Fang Li Lv, Ming Wen

Abstract: It is very prospective to prepare low-cost TiO2/nonmetallic minerals photocatalytic material, which utilizes sun as light source to...

Authors: Hong Juan Sun, Tong Jiang Peng, Hai Feng Liu, Jin Mei Sun

Abstract: Hydrophlogopite was modified with sodium and then organically intercalated with a series of alkyl quaternary ammonium salts. The organically...


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