Comparative Study of Biogas Production from Five Substrates


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In this work, a comparative study of biogas production from poultry droppings, cattle dung, kitchen waste, fruit waste and vegetable waste was done under the same operating conditions. 3kg of each waste was mixed with 9kg of water and loaded into the 5 constructed digesters. Biogas production was measured using water displacement method for a period of 40 days and at an average temperature of 30.5oC. Results indicated that poultry droppings produced 0.0332dm3/day, cow dung produced 0.0238dm3/day, Kitchen waste produced 0.0080dm3/day, vegetable waste produced 0.0066dm3/day and fruit waste with 0.0022dm3/day. It is concluded that poultry droppings produced more biogas because it contains more nutrients and nitrogen compared with plant and other animal waste



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 18-19)

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Prof. A.O. Akii Ibhadode




S.J. Ojolo et al., "Comparative Study of Biogas Production from Five Substrates ", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 18-19, pp. 519-525, 2007

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June 2007




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