Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies

Volumes 18-19

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: I. Sule

Abstract: In determining the correct operation of relays of a protection scheme, proper representation of instrument transformers and their behavior...

Authors: A.S. Kadalla, M.I. Onogu

Abstract: The problem of precise control of the air – gap of magnetic levitation vehicles is considered in this paper. A sliding mode controller is...

Authors: A.O. Melodi

Abstract: In this paper the normal regimes of the Nigerian 330-132 kV power grid at 2003-2005 year levels were analyzed. The load flow studies were...

Authors: I.A. Adejumobi, A.A. Esan, A.B. Okunuga

Abstract: This paper is a survey and analytical work on the discovered potential hydropower sites in Nigeria by the authors. Hydrological data of...

Authors: J.O. Emagbetere, P.A. Kuale

Abstract: This paper investigates harmonics in power systems especially harmonics produced by synchronous generators as well as those by distributed...

Authors: F.O. Usifo, Eromosele Oria Usifo

Abstract: The problems facing the Power Holding Company of Nigeria PLC (PHCN) which was formerly called the National Electric Power Authority (NEPA),...

Authors: J.C. Ekeh, S.T. Wara, H.E Orovwode

Abstract: The strategy of management of the existing capacity by proper illumination design and the use of energy saving devices in the residential...

Authors: K.R. Santhi, P.M.Rubesh Anand, G.Senthil Kumaran

Abstract: The Internet has emerged in the last few years, not just as another communication means, but as sheer power and access to it provides...

Authors: H.D. Mepba, T. Ademiluyi

Abstract: Procedures for the preparation and rheological characterisation of coconut milk yoghurts are described. Coconut milk was fortified with...


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