Automotive Air Conditioning System Fuzzy Control Algorithm


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The traditional PID algorithm control automotive air conditioning needs urgently to be improved in energy conservation effect and the human body comfort level. Uses the fuzzy control principle, to design fuzzy control algorithm to realize the automotive air conditioning's intelligent control, according to the temperature humidity from the temperature sensor and the humidity sensor , take the human body comfort as the foundation to carry on the fuzzy revision to the temperature in the compartment; According to the difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature, uses fuzzy control principle deduction to control the output; According to the outdoor temperature and the passenger full strength rate carries on the heat load fuzzy revision to the control output; or based on the situation of vehicle door shuts/opens, carries on the revision to the control output. Compares with the PID control, the energy conservation effect is about 15-20%.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 181-182)

Edited by:

Qi Luo and Yuanzhi Wang






L. M. Hou and X. Xing, "Automotive Air Conditioning System Fuzzy Control Algorithm", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 181-182, pp. 787-791, 2011

Online since:

January 2011





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