Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering

Volumes 183-185

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.183-185

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Authors: Jian Ru Tian, Guo Li Chen, Guang Feng Kang, Xiu Ping Zheng

Abstract: Using total phosphorus (TP) concentrations to estimate eutrophication risk is problematic for management purposes, as only some forms of P...

Authors: Li Guo Ma, De Sun, Ling He, Chang Hai Du

Abstract: The degradation reaction of cellulose under the condition of microwave irradiation in an acidic aqueous medium including H2O2 has been...

Authors: Rong Cheng Liu, Yan You Wu

Abstract: Kandelia candel, Aegiceras corniculatum and Avicennia marina are the dominant plant species of Quanzhou Bay Estuarine Wetland. In this...

Authors: Zhan Guo Lu, Wei Li, Peng Jun Wang

Abstract: The chemical composition of essential oil (1.18% yield) from celery seeds by hydrodistillation extraction method was analyzed by GC-MS. A...

Authors: Bing Hua Yan, Hai Jun Yang, Jian Hong Wei, Lin Luo

Abstract: A bacterial strain OPQa3 capable of utilizing nonylphenol polyoxyethylene (NPnEO) as sole carbon source was isolated from water samples...

Authors: Yi Tong Duan, Fang Jing Liu, Lu Wang, Yong Feng Li

Abstract: Biohydrogenbacterium R3 sp.nov, as a typical strains of hydrogen production bacteria, was isolated from the activated sludge in the...

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yi Tong Duan, Fang Jing Liu, Lu Wang, Yi Xuan Wang

Abstract: Anaerobic process of biohydrogen production was developed recently. The representative strain of hydrogen production bacteria, namely...

Authors: Xin Yu Han, Li Yang, Chang Xiu Han, Li Li Li, Bao Gui Zhang

Abstract: Under atmospheric pressure, a novel preparation of sodium diethylphosphinate was carried out by free-radical addition reaction of ethylene...

Authors: Hong Fang Ji, Ling Wen Zhang, Hai Yan Zhang, Ming Duo Yang, Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Chroogomphis rutillus is an ectomycorrhizal edible mushroom available in China. The ethanolic, cold water and hot water extracts were...


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