New Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering

Volume 186

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pan He, Jie Xu, Kai Gui Wu, Jun Hao Wen

Abstract: Service-oriented workflows are the fundamental structures in service-oriented applications and changes in the workflow could cause dramatic...

Authors: Yong Shan Liu, Yan Qing Shen, Tian Bao Hao

Abstract: To reduce the complexity of cross-organizational workflow modeling and verification, a reliable modeling method of cross-organizational...

Authors: Hong Tang, Lu Wang, Ding Huang

Abstract: The P2P applications tend to be important in nowadays Internet, and BitTorrent(BT) is one of the most popular P2P applications. This paper...

Authors: Yong Jiang Li, Jian Hua Ge, Zhi Lin Sun

Abstract: We discuss the basic definitions and existing conclusion about periodicity of the twin Fibonacci sequence in this paper. The upper bound of...

Authors: Hao Yue

Abstract: This paper proposes a modular frame based on hybrid Petri nets for modeling the signalized urban traffic network for control purpose. A kind...

Authors: Rui Cheng, Yuan Guo Cheng, Ze Run Ma

Abstract: Aiming at the issue of object localization in acoustic sensor networks, a method of hyperbola localization based on time difference of...

Authors: Hui Hua Zhou, Ming Hui Zheng

Abstract: Recently, Tseng proposed two group key agreement protocols which are claimed to be provably secure against passive attackers and...

Authors: Zhao Hong Yang, Qing Xiao, Yun Zhan Gong, Da Hai Jin, Ya Wen Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a non-relational abstract semantic framework. It uses interval set to represent the value of numerical variables and...

Authors: Zhong Qu, Wei Wei, Zhen Wei Zhang, Dong Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we extract for key objects of motion video images (mainly people), then do researches with the technology of object detection...

Authors: Wei Wei, Yi Xiong Feng, Jian Rong Tan, Ichiro Hagiwara

Abstract: Scheduling for the flexible job shop is very important in fields of production management. To solve the multi–objective optimization in...


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