New Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering

Volume 186

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Huang, Jin Jin Li

Abstract: Supplier selection is a MADM problem. In this paper, a new method to deal with the supplier selection problem is proposed. The work...

Authors: Zhu Jun Xu, Su Zhang

Abstract: To discover requested web services in Internet, this paper proposes a new web service discovery algorithm based on ontology. It uses...

Authors: Yong Wang, Hui Li

Abstract: This paper proposes a new receive antenna selection algorithm based on the theory of convex optimization that improve the system performance...

Authors: Yao Feng, Ren Jie He, Ju Fang Li, Li Ning Xing

Abstract: Guided by the application requirements of imaging satellite, this work focuses on the model construction and heuristic rule design to the...

Authors: Ming Yang Sun, Wei Feng Sun, Xi Dong Liu, Lei Xue

Abstract: Recommendation algorithms suffer the quality from the huge and sparse dataset. Memory-based collaborative filtering method has addressed the...

Authors: He Cheng Li, Yu Ping Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we focus on a special linear-quadratic bilevel programming problem in which the follower’s problem is a convex-quadratic...

Authors: Jing Tao Zhou, Hai Cheng Yang, Ming Wei Wang, Rong Mo

Abstract: To fully fulfill the modularity and loosely coupled characteristics of P2P semantic mapping paradigm proposed in our previous work[1], a...

Authors: Yan Cao, Jiang Du

Abstract: Job-shop scheduling is one of the core research aspects of Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It is significant for improving the...

Authors: Yong Shan Liu, Tian Bao Hao, Yan Qing Shen

Abstract: In order to simplify the workflow and make efficient use of resources in workflow management, a hierarchical concurrent model based on...

Authors: Yu Mei Xiong, Yi Min Chen, Yi Hao Chen

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of the collision detection for polyhedron, the paper proposed a collision detection algorithm based on...


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