New Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering

Volume 186

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Li Peng, Wen Ni Zhang, Hai Ming Jin

Abstract: Agility of physical manufacturing unit is the competitive advantage in the global manufacturing environment. It is believed that the agility...

Authors: Chun Ping Ouyang, Chang Jun Hu, Zhen Yu Liu, Yang Li

Abstract: Material is the foundation of engineering construction, and materials service safety assessment is an important issue for public security....

Authors: Jin Yu, Jian Wei Liu, Xue Fei Liu

Abstract: Pneumatic position servo is a rapidly growing-up technology, control strategy play a key role in system performance. This article studies...

Authors: Han Ying Huang, Tao Yin, Si Ming Zhao, Shan Bo Xiong, Xiao Yu Li, Jun Mei Du, Jian Chao Cao

Abstract: At present, there exist a lots of problems in general bean sprout incubators such as uneven spray, water wasting, slow heating, high energy...

Authors: Hua Wu, Chang An Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a hybrid control system is incorporated into a single agent structure. Two important features of our model include that the...

Authors: Yan Hui Wang, Xue Mei Xiao, Hao Cui

Abstract: The research of high-speed railway accident needs professional knowledge and its operation mechanism is complex. Based on the analysis of...

Authors: Long Xue, Jing Li, Mu Hua Liu, Xiao Wang, Chun Sheng Luo

Abstract: Based on Support Vector Machine (SVM) and genetic algorithm (GA), this paper intends to search for the characteristic spectral ranges and...

Authors: Jing Li, Long Xue, Mu Hua Liu, Xiao Wang, Chun Sheng Luo

Abstract: On-line nondestructive estimation of fruit internal quality greatly benefits the consumer and the fruit industry as a whole because it can...

Authors: Hong He, De Peng Sha, Hong Sun

Abstract: Digital down converter is the core technology of soft radio receiver. It lets the high-speed-sampled digital signals down-conversion to base...

Authors: Ling Li, Yun Jiang Miao, Zhong Bin Wang, Xiong Bing Li

Abstract: Aimed at inner flaw in CFRP(carbon fiber reinforced plastic)curved part, build the ultrasonic test technological process. Based on...


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