New Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering

Volume 186

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Dong Chen, Bao Peng

Abstract: In this paper, we address wireless sensor network localization problems that have high reliability in an environment where physical node...

Authors: Rui Hua Liu, Li Yun Su, Fang Li

Abstract: In this paper, we firstly analyze some previous super-resolution models based on the TV model. Secondly, we propose two novel...

Authors: Ming Cheng Qu, Xiang Hu Wu, Ming Hong Liao, Xiao Zong Yang

Abstract: The parallel data transmission based on multi-copy is a key strategy to enhance transmission speed and ensure the QoS of data grid....

Authors: Bin Chen, Guo You Chen, Zhi Xue Wang

Abstract: For design and maintenance of wireless network, node importance evaluation is a crucial issue. But if we evaluate it with single index,...

Authors: Chun Guo Yue, Xin Long Chang, Shu Jun Yang, You Hong Zhang

Abstract: With the support of powerful calculation ability of computer and Fluent of CFD software, integrative simulation research of the variable...

Authors: Chun Guo Yue, Xin Long Chang, You Hong Zhang, Shu Jun Yang

Abstract: In virtue of Fluent of CFD software, numerical computations of aerodynamics of an air-to-air missile in different mach numbers and different...

Authors: Chang Jiang Jiang, Wei Ren Shi, Min Xiang

Abstract: Unequal clustering mechanism, in combination with inter-cluster multihop routing, provides a new effective way to balance the energy...

Authors: Xiao Hua Lin, Yi Xiong Feng, Jian Rong Tan, Xiang Hua An

Abstract: The product concept evaluation plays a very important role in product development. It can be considered as multi-criteria decision making...

Authors: Jie Cao, Di Wu, Zong Li Liu, Peng Pan

Abstract: Aimed at the problem of low accuracy rate for face recognition and speaker recognition in noisy environment, a multi-biometric model fusing...

Authors: Gui Ping Qian, Ruo Feng Tong

Abstract: This paper presents a new CAD model reconstruction method for finite element mesh analysis. It has been accepted by many researchers that...


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