New Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering

Volume 186

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Wang, Min Cao, Huai Yang Zhu

Abstract: As it is common to imbed business objects/rules within the code of traditional ERP systems, the flexibility, scalability of these systems...

Authors: Jun Feng Tian, Ye Zhu

Abstract: Due to not considering the guaranty of trustiness, traditional software development methods and techniques lack effective measures for...

Authors: Jun Jie Wu, Yong Hua Zhu, Huai Yang Zhu

Abstract: In order to fully reuse existing resources and meet the changing demands, a flexible architecture for enterprise application is proposed in...

Authors: He Jin Yuan, Cui Ru Wang

Abstract: A novel human action recognition algorithm based on edit distance is proposed in this paper. In the method, the mesh feature of each image...

Authors: Kai Meng, Xin Hou Wang, Qing Guan Chen

Abstract: With the aid of computer simulations, coat-hanger die was designed for more uniform residence time distribution. Analysis of velocity...

Authors: Yong Shan Liu, Hai Hong Lv, Le Le Wang

Abstract: Because MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server) doesn’t support the association between two heterogeneous entities, we propose a...

Authors: Shi Xiang Tian, Sheng Ze Wang

Abstract: In this paper, an image-based controller for tracking control of robot manipulators using a single camera is proposed. The proposed...

Authors: Jie Yu Zhang, Hai Yong Wu, Shu Chen, De Shen Xia

Abstract: Since Camshift algorithm leads to failed tracking results when the color information of the target region is similar with the background or...

Authors: Zhen Yu Liu, Chang Jun Hu, Chun Ping Ouyang, Yang Li

Abstract: In contrast to traditional business workflow, scientific workflow is mainly used to describe and control the execution of scientific...

Authors: Qiu Zhong Zhou, Hao Yu Zha

Abstract: To deeply promote the digital enterprise construction, it’s necessary to provide an assembly process data organization model which meet all...


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