New Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering

Volume 186

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ri An Peng, Yong Hua Zhu, Wei Chen Zhu

Abstract: As the fast development of Web Service, the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) has implemented widely. This paper presents the...

Authors: Shu Jing Li, Feng Jing Shao, Ren Cheng Sun, Yi Sui

Abstract: Propagation of two kinds of information on complex networks is studied. With assumption that new kind of information is generated after...

Authors: Yu Dai, Lei Yang, Bin Zhang, Zhi Liang Zhu

Abstract: Since accurately identifying the error source which causes the exception is important, the problem of diagnosis for composite service...

Authors: Xin Gang Wang, Dong Mei Zhang, Jun Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the static output feedback control of a class of continuous systems is considered. Thanks to the Reciprocal Projection Lemma,...

Authors: Yu Qiang Sun, Shi Yan Xie, Yu Wan Gu, Hai Feng Shi

Abstract: In the paper, Using Petri net to a component-based reuse-driven software model for parallel engineering is proposed. The model applies Petri...

Authors: Xiu Guo Wu

Abstract: Workflow systems provide the automation of business processes where a collection of tasks is organized between participants according to a...

Authors: Yu Qiang Sun, Xue Li Tao, Cong Pin Zhang, Xiao Lin Zhang

Abstract: Combining the current situation of China's domestic software enterprises, the cost driving factors of COCOMO model is improved to enhance...

Authors: Yong Qi, Qian Mu Li, Xiang He Wei, Jie Yin

Abstract: Missile as a kind of weapon which plays a significant role in tactical strike, strategic strike and strategic deterrent, has been at the top...

Authors: Shuang Ping Zhao, Xiang Wei Li, Jing Hong Xing, Yan Wen Ye

Abstract: This paper presents a wavelet image denoising method by Threshold optimal based on wavelet transform and genetic algorithm (GA). First,...

Authors: Zhen Xie

Abstract: With the advantages of high performance, linear burst transmission, plug and play, PCI bus is widely applied. As a result, it replaced the...


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