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Authors: Li Juan Qin, Yu Lan Hu
Abstract: Multi-solution problem is an important problem that affects the characteristic of pose estimation algorithm. The main content of this paper is to discuss the solution models for pose estimation method from three non-coplanar lines which intersect at two points. This paper provides a detailed account of concrete expressions for eight solution models. Expression for analytical solution can be very visual.
Authors: Jian Zhao, Dan Tong Ouyang, Xiao Yu Wang, Li Ming Zhang
Abstract: Many traditional model-based diagnosis is based on the assumption of abrupt faults. This assumption can lead to a wrong result when the faults are slowly changing. The diagnosis of slowly changing faults can be considered to be an open area in controlling complex system of large scale. The slowly changing faults are difficult to detect, extremely when interlacing with abrupt faults. The modeling of diagnosis in slowly changing faults is different with abrupt faults. A modeling method of slowly changing faults on hybrid system is proposed, based on Hybrid Input Output Automata and mixture bond graph. The effectiveness is proved by method testing on three-tank system. The testing results provide a basic model to faults discovering and isolating
Authors: Guo Rong Dong
Abstract: In the second-hand vehicle transaction, the automobile brand and the model to the second-hand vehicle price influence are quite big, has established the automobile brand database for this us, and has set up and the automobile brand, the model correlation parameter in the database, then transfers these parameters to participate in the second-hand vehicle the price computation, causes the different brand model the second-hand vehicle reference price distinction and respective actual market transaction price is closer, and further applies ours computational method in the network service routine, provides credible and the reference price and the service platform for the general second-hand vehicle transaction participant.
Authors: Li Da Zhu, Jian Qiu, Yue Hu Wang, Jiang Li, Wan Shan Wang
Abstract: The mathematic models describing various joints of whole machine are founded to research dynamic performance of turn-milling center based on rigid-flexible coupling system. The various joint interfaces including the conical and cylinder contact, plane contact and fixed connection are regarded as flexible joints by using the spring and damping unit and the equivalent dynamic models of joint interfaces are built by finite element method based on different connection modes. Therefore, these mathematic models are used as references and foundations for research on dynamic performance of turn-milling center next stage.
Authors: Wen Fei Song, Wen Ya Tian, Cai Liang Shen
Abstract: The paper has investigated the metadata for annotating the video information, and put up with the framework architecture of a semantic metadata describing video information based on ontology. Firstly a domain ontology library is constructed, the video information is described by the ontology, and the video library system with architecture is developed. The paper builds a semantic ontology library for Peking Opera, and gets the conclusion that it is feasible to describing video information with semantic metadata based on ontology.
Authors: Cao Chao
Abstract: Podcasting has become an increasingly popular form of instruction in China TEFL. This paper tries to analyzes its features and advantages in English language teaching and learning. Then it proposes a carefully designed package of three podcasting-based learning approaches mainly in accordance with the Digital Natives’ learning habits. And finally it forecasts the bright future of such application and raises some reflective questions.
Authors: Miao Chen, Bao Peng, Liang Ma
Abstract: In this paper, we address wireless sensor network localization problems that have high reliability in an environment where physical node destruction is possible. We propose a range-independent localization algorithm called security localization based on Detecting malicious beacon nodes (DMBSL) that allows sensors to passively determine their location with high reliability, without increasing the number of reference points, or the complexity of the hardware of each reference point or node. In DMBSL, constraints of wireless sensor network are used to find and remove the malicious beacon nodes, then the maximum likelihood method is used to calculate the location of unknown nodes, so that the location calculation is very robust and is able to resist malicious attacks. In this paper, the location performance of DMBSL algorithm is deeply analyzed. The results of the simulation show the algorithm can get lower average positioning error, meantime malicious attacks have little side effects to location performance.
Authors: Xin Ya Sheng, Yu Wang, Wei Ming Wang, Jing Jing Zhou
Abstract: Open reconfigurable router (ForCES) is based on the separation of control parts and forwarding parts that can satisfy the open programmable request of the next generation router, and is the next generation router's development direction. At present, the research on ForCES architeture router has completed the system structure and interface standard protocol design, and realized the basic logic function blocks (LFBs) of the control element (CE) and forwarding element (FE), ForCES prototypemachine has also succeeded in operation. However, the performance of any software and protocol must be inspected. Performance evaluation can adopt queuing theory、random Petri nets、 stochastic process algebra and OPNET software, etc. OPNET with user-friendly interface and stratified modeling thought can simplify the process of modeling, clear modeling methodology. The paper adopts OPNET Modeler simulation software to study on ForCES architecture router performance.
Authors: Lin Hua Zhou, Jian Bo Fan, Ke Jia He
Abstract: The Semantic Web envisions a World Wide Web in which datasources are encapsulated and described with rich semantics, and demander can issue complex queries. A critical problem in the situation is how to efficiently describe, organize and search these encapsulated datasources. This paper describes the Semantic Web-Based Data service(SWBDS for short) approach, which addresses these challenges. SWBDS introduces an ontology-based approach to, mapping web data sources to data service (DS for short), publishing DS with the shared domain ontology, and answering queries through DS provided interface. We define the domain ontology to illustrate the DS interface. The domain ontology is described in OWL that can be understood and processed by machines. Therefore, SWBDS can provide reasoning functions and facilitate datasources management with little human effort. This new system model makes full use of legacy applications and is flexible for future extensions.
Authors: Xiang Jiu Che, Gerald Farin, Zhan Heng Gao, Dianne Hansford
Abstract: A method for calculating the product of two B-spline functions is presented. The product is computed by solving a linear system. The coefficient matrix of the system is a Gramian, which guarantees that the system has a unique solution. Every element of the coefficient matrix and the righthand vector of the system is an inner product of B-splines. The inner product can be computed accurately by making use of numerical methods.

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