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Authors: De Wei Li, Bao Ming Han
Abstract:Pedestrian simulation is widely used on the assessment of facility design and crowd safety control. It proposed a grid-based model of queue...
Authors: Wen Qing Zhao, Yan Fang Zhang, Sheng Long Zhang
Abstract:Classification Based on Association (CBA) algorithm built a classifier based on the association rules, but without considering the...
Authors: Yi Hai Hu, Ping Gao, Lin Lu
Abstract:This paper is based on the athlete’s competitive ability theory model, chosing seven antagonistic events to study. By mathematical dealing...
Authors: Ping Gao, Yi Hai Hu, Yin Yu, Zhu Fan Jin
Abstract:the study has taken net-partition oppositional group-event sports hierarchy elements as research platform, and has calculated the four-level...
Authors: Xiao Qin Liang, Shi Cong Hong
Abstract:The project carrying on in the complex environment was affected by many factors. Project risk management is to manage the uncertainty...
Authors: Hui Fang Dong
Abstract:This study builds with AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process) the teaching ability system for martial arts teachers in institutions of higher...
Authors: Feng Xia Wang, Fei Yao, Yang Le Chen, Cheng Chen
Abstract:Mangrove forest has various functions, such as wind and wave prevention, embankment protection, biodiversity and ecological balance...
Authors: Jing Li, Yue Jin Zhou
Abstract:The purpose of the paper is to study the conflict resolution in virtual teams. Multi-agent technology is used to simulate the virtual team....
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