The Study Based on SOA in Digital Hospital Systems Integration


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In the medical information process, many systems need to be integrated, such as, within hospitals, between hospitals, hospitals and health departments and between hospitals and related outside sectors. But most of hospital information applications is narrow, lacks industry application standards, lacks hospital information technology planning, poor integration leads to hospital information island and can not effectively share information. In order to share information within the hospital ,such as, between HIS(Hospital Information System) and PACS(Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), between hospitals, such as, between HIS and HIS, between PACS and PACS, to realize automate business processes, according to the current technology, should use SOA(Service Oriented Architecture), Because SOA uses service as its core to encapsulate business processes and applications systems, the service with a higher level of abstraction, can achieve a higher level of reuse, and solve the relevance of between IT systems and business processes. This paper designs regional health information integrated services platform with SOA, realizes PACS service platform with web services technology ,at last, uses IE(Internet Explorer) view a patient’s DICOM(Digital Imaging Communications in Medicine) images. The results show that using SOA to integrate digital hospital systems is effective.



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Yanwen Wu






G. X. Zou and J. Q. Tang, "The Study Based on SOA in Digital Hospital Systems Integration", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 187, pp. 297-302, 2011

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February 2011




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