Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Ming Chen, Zhi Wen Zou, Jin Gui Pan, Yuan Hao Sun

Abstract: The aggregation problem of the interest expressions is an important problem in distributed virtual environment (DVE). According to the...

Authors: Ai Ling Song, Kai Chen, Xu Liu

Abstract: Scientific rational match strategy matters the result of badminton group competition, on which in-depth research has important theoretical...

Authors: Yong He, Xiao Ying Lu, Wei Na Lu

Abstract: In this paper, we show the relationship between 2-form of the two projective tangent bundle and the relationship between 2-form on...

Authors: Shu Zhang

Abstract: The analysis being in progress , result wielding the research method data to fifth time of Xinjiang stadium field general investigation...

Authors: Yuan Yan Gu

Abstract: Jointly Managed Inventory(JMI) have shown inimitable foreground in management system, it can balance upstream and downstream enterprises'...

Authors: Wu Wei Li

Abstract: For the studies on the innovation capability, there are many limitations in using traditional statistical techniques. The grey system theory...

Authors: Wu Wei Li

Abstract: Based on the statistical data during the period from 2003 to 2008 released by National Bureau of Statistics of China, this paper aims to...

Authors: Wei Liu, Jing Min Tang

Abstract: In this paper, subcarrier and power allocation are jointly considered in a three-node symmetric cooperation orthogonal frequency-division...

Authors: Yi Min Tan

Abstract: The pine tree is an important tree species in China. In recent years, in order to quickly obtain a lot of woods and higher economic...

Authors: He Yang

Abstract: As an integral element of the space environment, the environmental sculpture plays an important role in the decoration of space environment,...


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