Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xia Xiao, Hong Chao Zuo, Wen Yu Zhang, Ju Jie Wang

Abstract: Recently, manual observation sequence has been gradually replaced by automatic observation sequence. The difference between manual...

Authors: Liang Nie, Jun Han, Xu Jiang

Abstract: To measure spherical surface with high precision, an advanced fiber point diffraction interferometer (FPDI) is introduced in this paper....

Authors: Tao Guo

Abstract: A novel fuzzy adaptive regulation approach is proposed for a class of output-feedback nonlinear systems based on dynamic surface control...

Authors: Ming Ping Xia

Abstract: Gagné's cognitive learning theory presents the entire process of information processing and problem-solving. Under cognitive psychology’s...

Authors: Le Jiang Guo, Yan Bin Liu, Yun Hai Yang, Wei Jiang Wang

Abstract: In recent years, data service has been gaining popularity in embedded system and general packet radio service (GPRS).GPRS is one of the...

Authors: Ru Jiang Bai, Xiao Yue Wang, Xiao Fan Yu

Abstract: Ontology integration is to eliminate ontology heterogeneous, so as to achieve the highest level of semantic communication and semantic...

Authors: Rui Xin Ma, Gui Shi Deng, Xiao Wang

Abstract: This paper combines text and link analysis together, analyzes every single page’s recent reference amplification, proposes a mixed weight...

Authors: Bo Yong Lu

Abstract: Household security is a specific application in intelligent building, which is of great significance to people, particularly to the aged and...

Authors: Juan Hua Zhu, Ang Wu, Juan Fang Zhu

Abstract: A digital clock system designed by using VHDL hardware description language is presented in this paper. The proposed architecture fully...

Authors: Ang Wu, Juan Hua Zhu, Juan Fang Zhu

Abstract: IEEE802.16 standard provides interface protocol of wireless access system for physical (PHY) layer and Medium Access Control (MAC) layer. It...


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