Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhai, Meng Li, Pan Sun

Abstract: Ontology, with the excellent concept hierarchy and appropriately supporting for logic reasoning, is the basis of knowledge modeling on the...

Authors: Jia Han, Li Ping Lu

Abstract: A computational modeling and simulation method for multi-posture gymnastics jump based on sport biomechanics was improved. Taking tuck jump,...

Authors: Chun Xia Wu, Xiao Dong Zhou

Abstract: Sports technique analysis refers to the technical diagnosis on the athletes’ movements in order to enhance the scientificalness and...

Authors: Xue Zhi Yang

Abstract: In order to improve the estimation system for the physical education students and to make the evaluation function as completely as possible,...

Authors: Qing Min Kong, Ming Li Zhang

Abstract: This article introduces the relationship benefits into the research area of customer service recovery of sports medicine. Through data...

Authors: Jun Wang, Shuai Ma, Hui Guan

Abstract: The current classical protocol of WSN media access control, uses the sleeping/schedule mechanism to reduce the energy lose on the nodes...

Authors: Jun Wang, Wei Ru Chen, De Lin Jing, Hong Ji Yang

Abstract: According to the various components will play a different role in the system's reliability evolution, software architecture reliability is...

Authors: Zhen Feng Fan, Jin Liang Zhang, Xiao Lin Liu, Jin Kai Wang

Abstract: Haft-graben fault basin often have large-scale gentle slope, and the zone of structural style, sedimentary types and forming factor has its...

Authors: Zhi Kai Huang, De Hui Liu, Xing Wang Zhang, Ling Ying Hou

Abstract: Image denoising is one of the classical problems in digital image processing, and has been studied for nearly half a century due to its...

Authors: Liang Liang, Jian Lin Li, Dong Hui

Abstract: Recently, more and more people realize the importance of environment protection. Electric power generation systems using renewable energy...


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