Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ma

Abstract: In order to study the internal cognitive rules and characteristics of football motion perception ability development and then apply the...

Authors: Lei Xu, Wei Zhang, Qiang Jia

Abstract: The mental fluctuations of the basketball players in the competition can not be avoided, and they do directly influence on the performance...

Authors: Lei Xu, Wei Zhang, Jia Jia Han

Abstract: Using such methods as questionnaire survey and experimental study, a study has been made on the effects of yoga on female college students’...

Authors: Yu Cheng Liu, Yu Bin Liu

Abstract: For complex controlled object with the large time delay link, it was difficult to get effective control effect by means of traditional fuzzy...

Authors: Qing Hua Yu, Ze Yue Gu, Jian Fang

Abstract: In this paper, the measurement result of the mean, standard deviation, the maximum value, the minimum value, and the 5th, 50th, 95th...

Authors: Guo Juan Xu, Jian Jie Li, Jin Hai Lv

Abstract: A video watermarking scheme based on geometric moment corrected is proposed. This algorithm used the geometric moment’s good characteristic...

Authors: Fang Zhen Li, Xue Fen Zhang

Abstract: We consider the problem of distributed estimation of a deterministic vector parameters using in clustered wireless sensor networks (WSNs)....

Authors: Jian Chun Jiang, Tong Qing Wang

Abstract: The traditional distributed operating system (OS) and homogeneous multiprocessors OS are not suitable for heterogeneous multi-core processor...

Authors: Zhen Yu, Xiang Luo, Shu Yan Cheng

Abstract: To solve the problem of repeated loss of low voltage power cables, this paper designed a project in preventing the cables from stealing. The...

Authors: Zhen Yu, Hao Huang, Shu Yan Cheng, Ye You

Abstract: In this study, the author takes the reconstruction of an 110kv digitized power substation as the case research object. To achieve these...


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