Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Yong Huang, Lie Bao Han, Gui Yan

Abstract: In this article, the top 15 golfers are chosen for the top-level group and another 15 golfers ranking from 56 to 70 are chosen for the...

Authors: Wei Du, Wei Wang

Abstract: Value reduction algorithm can filter and delete redundant conditional attribute value, so as to obtain decision rule of information system...

Authors: Li Wen Niu, Qi Zhou, Ming Chen, Jun Jiang

Abstract: As mainstay industry in national economy,small and medium-sized real estate enterprises can play an important part in the development of...

Authors: Tong Guang Zhang, Xiao Li Zhao

Abstract: Due to their complexity and the involvement of consumer’s fuzzy perceptions of QoS, non-functional QoS attributes are not easy to measure...

Authors: Xun Yi Ren, Ru Chuan Wang, Xiao Dong Ma

Abstract: Maintaining consistency among replicas is an important technique for improving the efficiency of data grids. In order to improve replica...

Authors: Xin Gao

Abstract: Solar energy and wind energy are the two most viable renewable energy resources in the world. This paper presents a control strategy for...

Authors: Guo Neng Li

Abstract: In order to investigate the characteristics of heat transfer in oscillating flow, the computational fluid dynamics method was employed to...


Abstract: Removed due to plagiarism. Originally published as: Stylianides, G. J., & Stylianides, A. J. (2010). Mathematics for teaching: A form of...

Authors: Lei Wang, Tian Rui Li, Jun Ye

Abstract: The essence of the rough set theory (RST) is to deal with the inconsistent problems by two definable subsets which are called the lower and...

Authors: Chang Chun Dong, Wei Ping Chen, Xiao Wei Liu, Zhi Ping Zhou

Abstract: The amorphous material Co-based wires as the sensing element in Vacquier type sensor was studied. The magnetic material used in these...


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