Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Han, Xiao Wei Liu, Rui Zhang, Chao Wang

Abstract: A three-dimensional mathematical model is developed for a kind of micro heat pipe with fiber wick. The effects of phase changing, the...

Authors: Wei Wang, Wei Du

Abstract: Attribute reduction can simplify condition attributes in the decision table, while the simplified decision table has same functionality with...

Authors: Sheng Zhong Huang

Abstract: The traditional method of centrifugal compressor performance prediction is usually the BP neural network, however, the problems are that...

Authors: Jian Gang Dong

Abstract: Available bandwidth measurement of network is an important step in network traffic design and assignment as well as network planning. The...

Authors: Xiao Zou

Abstract: RFID middleware plays an important role in extracting information from RFID reader and sending them to the terminal server. Although the...

Authors: Yong Liang Cui

Abstract: The classic Leontief model on industry manufacturing process is investigated. A kind of discrete-time singular dynamic input-output model of...

Authors: Yuan Cheng Li, Jing Tao Jing

Abstract: Aiming at the problem that parameters of Support Vector Machines (SVM) are very difficult to confirm, this paper points out a parameter...

Authors: Guo Xia Zou, Jian Qing Tang

Abstract: In the medical information process, many systems need to be integrated, such as, within hospitals, between hospitals, hospitals and health...

Authors: Xue Song Yan, Qing Hua Wu, Cheng Yu Hu, Qing Zhong Liang

Abstract: During the space electronic system in carries out the exploratory mission in the deep space, it maybe faced with kinds of violent natural...

Authors: Yin Long Wang, Ke Cheng Lin, Hong Mei Yu, Qian Jin Li, Zhi Xiang Li, Xi Wu Wang

Abstract: ISODATA algorithm is capable of splitting and merging categories automatically. However, this kind of hard clustering fails to take into...


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