Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Wei Ding, Tian Wei Qian

Abstract: Laboratory batch and column experiments were conducted to investigate the feasibility of using a new class of stabilized zero-valent iron...

Authors: Wen Ming Cao, Xiong Feng Li, Li Juan Pu

Abstract: Biometric Pattern Recognition aim at finding the best coverage of per kind of sample’s distribution in the feature space. This paper...

Authors: Xu Wang, Shi Fei Ding

Abstract: Granular computing (GrC) is another solving method of artificial intelligence problems after neural network, fuzzy set theory, genetic...

Authors: Chien Yu Lin, Pi Hsia Hung, Yen Huai Jen, Chien Chi Lin

Abstract: This study proposes to develop a best treatment interface of motion trajectory as a construct for children to build up their sense of...

Authors: Yu Liu, Jing Fang, Yuan Xu

Abstract: Forward modeling is to model structural performance and optimize the relationship among material composition, process, and performance, and...

Authors: Xiang Hui Gong

Abstract: It has been found that psychological health education and physical exercise are equally important sports teaching. Due to the college...

Authors: Lin Hai Shao

Abstract: Through the interpretation of the unique tunnel in sport teaching reform, it is pointed out the tunneling effect in sport course. In the...

Authors: Gui Lan Wang, Jie Shi, Fan Feng Zeng

Abstract: Baseball and softball athletics have carried out in our country more than 100 years, however, its current development is still in infancy...

Authors: Hua Jiang, Jing Wen

Abstract: As the low maintenance cost of data trusteeship, more and more medium-size and small size enterprises choose data trusteeship service. Data...

Authors: Fu Long Chen, Zhao Xia Zhu, Xiao Ya Fan

Abstract: In general hardware designers design integrated circuit with hardware description languages or schematic diagram. However the growth of...


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