Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Hui Wang, Yang Yang

Abstract: With the widespread trend of the educational idea “joyful sports” implemented in colleges, this paper analyzes the teaching process of...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Xiao Hong Hao, Heng Jie Li

Abstract: In order to avoid the over fitting and training and solve the knowledge extraction problem in fuzzy neural networks system. Ying Learning...

Authors: Si Long Wu, Xiao Na Xu, En Cheng

Abstract: The paper put forward a detail design of the out-of-position alarm system based on ZigBee technology and communication chip CC2430 to...

Authors: Shao Huang, Shu Rong Wang, Yu Liang Tang

Abstract: The paper studied the basic principles of the RTP/RTCP protocol in real-time transmission of multimedia applications, explained the basic...

Authors: Shu Rong Wang, Shao Huang, Fei Yuan

Abstract: Based on Sunplus SCM SPCE061A, this paper designs a voice control system which uses speech recognition technology. The results of light...

Authors: Ren Qing Wang

Abstract: SiO2,CaO and MgO was chosen as main raw material and Solid State method was used to prepare the sample. The precursor was directly sintered...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Lan Pan

Abstract: Agents' evolutionary behavior in a multi-agent system, which will generate chaotic phenomena, can be used in studying chaos system in...

Authors: Yu Wei Liu, Shi Bin Xiao, Tao Wang, Shui Cai Shi

Abstract: Judging the sentiment orientation of Chinese words is the basic work of the passage sentiment orientation research. Using Chinese basic...

Authors: Lu Yue Xia, Hai Tian Pan, Meng Fei Zhou, Yi Jun Cai, Xiao Fang Sun

Abstract: Melt index is the most important parameter in determining the polypropylene grade. Since the lack of proper on-line instruments, its...

Authors: Shih Ming Pi, Hsiu Li Liao, Su Houn Liu, Su Yu Peng

Abstract: The study investigates the usage of knowledge management systems in Taiwan. The usage acts as a cooperative learning of knowledge-sharing...


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