Sport Materials, Modelling and Simulation

Volume 187

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Shi, Fei Liu, Ming Yang

Abstract: Simulation models are increasingly being used to solve more and more complex problems and to aid in decision-making. To provide a realistic...

Authors: Peng Shi, Fei Liu, Ming Yang

Abstract: HLA-based simulation systems are multivariate discrete-event simulation systems, and sometimes with small samples in essential, for which...

Authors: Hui Juan Zhang, Yao Xiang Li, Hong Fu Zhang, Ya Zhao Zhang, Pai Li

Abstract: Water content of Korean pine samples was studied using near infrared spectrascopy (NIR) combinded with parial least squares regression (PLS)...

Authors: Jing De Hu, Cheng Gong

Abstract: China has already entered into the 3G era and the introduction of 3G mobile communication technology makes the mobile learning becoming an...

Authors: Jin Li, Li Bin Xia, Qian Liu

Abstract: Plain flax knitted fabrics which were divided into three types by different densities were knitted on computerized flat knitting machine in...

Authors: Jin Li, Qian Liu, Li Bin Xia

Abstract: . This paper studied the relationship between knitting fabrics and human comfort from two facets: thermal resistance and water-vapour...

Authors: Jie Cao, Jing Run Zheng

Abstract: In order to solve the problem that human objects in complex environments would be affected by illumination, deformation, moving, etc, a...

Authors: Su Houn Liu, Hsiu Li Liao, Shih Ming Pi, Chih Chiang Kao

Abstract: Patents are distributed through hundreds of collections, divided up by general area. A hybrid classifier system thus can be a powerful...

Authors: Zhi Peng Li, Shan Shan Zhang, Xing Li Li, Fu Qiang Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the lattice model which depends not only on the difference of the optimal current and the local current but also on the...

Authors: Hong Xing Xu, Jian Wang, Fu Zhen Xu, Xiu Jun Zhang

Abstract: The commitment of teachers of Physical Education Department in colleges are conducting PE course, training sports team, organizing sports...


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