Method of Recognizing of Chip Shape Based on Machine Vision Technology


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According to the problem of chip shape monitoring in machining process, this paper presents a methods of the recognition of shape based on machine vision technology. First make a image processing such as binary processing、opening operation、expansion treatment and edge detection to the image of chip by researching the features of the image of the typical chip which are C-shape chip、long spiral chip、random chip and zonal chip. Then automatically identifying the chip shape by the features that euler number and number of curvature local maximum. The experiment proved this methods feasible and effectively to identifying the chip shape and classification by the features of image of chip.



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Chengyong Wang, Ning He, Ming Chen and Chuanzhen Huang




K.E. Qing et al., "Method of Recognizing of Chip Shape Based on Machine Vision Technology", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 188, pp. 158-161, 2011

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March 2011




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