A Review on Drilling Printed Circuit Boards


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Drilling is a particularly complicated machining process, and it becomes much more complicated when the workpiece is printed circuit boards (PCBs). PCB is composite materials with anisotropy. Even a small defect in PCB may cause great losses. Both the drilling process and PCB structure design have been researched by many scholars. But the investigations into the drilling processes of PCB are not systematic. The present review article address the report about tool materials and geometrics, cutting force, cutting temperature, radial run-out and damages occurring in drilling processes. And as a conclusion, some of these critical issues are proposed to meet the challenges in analysis and optimization for PCB drilling.



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Chengyong Wang, Ning He, Ming Chen and Chuanzhen Huang






L.J. Zheng et al., "A Review on Drilling Printed Circuit Boards", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 188, pp. 441-449, 2011

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March 2011





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