Research on Kinematics of High Speed Linear Feed System


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The feed unit is modeled with Solidworks entity, then the combined mechatronic simulation is studied with MATLAB and ADAMS, In this paper,control of information exchange was completed by defining the system input and output variables, it build a mechatronic integrated simulation platform of high speed linear feed system of type GD-3. The acceleration, velocity and displacement curve of linear feed system are simulated and compared with experimental results on optimization of parameters. The results indicate that the mechatronic integrated simulation of virtual prototyping can better analyze and evaluate the velocity and displacement Kinematics characteristics of high-speed linear feed system, the acceleration different between the simulation and experimental is 10.71 percent and the virtual prototyping simulation is verified to be a new approach for analysis of the kinematics characteristics of the high-speed linear feed system.



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Chengyong Wang, Ning He, Ming Chen and Chuanzhen Huang






P. Ma et al., "Research on Kinematics of High Speed Linear Feed System", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 188, pp. 493-498, 2011

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March 2011




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