High Speed Machining

Volume 188

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.188

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Authors: Han Lian Liu, Xiang Lv, Chuan Zhen Huang, Zeng Bin Yin, Bin Zou, Hong Tao Zhu

Abstract: In order to improve the machining efficiency of high strength steel 2.25Cr1Mo0.25V and tool life, intermittent turning performance of...

Authors: Z.J. Liu, Yan Ming Quan, Liang Liang

Abstract: The transferring of electronic signal from rotating work piece or cutter presents a challenge problem. In this paper, a wireless...

Authors: J.C. Xiao, S.H. Xiao, H. Wu

Abstract: The sintered neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B) material is used in most of PM machines. The kind of PM materials has small tensile strength and...

Authors: Q.J. Yang, D.N. Li, L.L. Kong, K. Li

Abstract: In modern machining processes, Gantry Machining Center is one of the most important machine tools. Moreover, beam components directly relate...

Authors: Ping Ma, Y.B. Tang, Z.H. Chen, J.J. Huang

Abstract: The feed unit is modeled with Solidworks entity, then the combined mechatronic simulation is studied with MATLAB and ADAMS, In this...

Authors: L. Zhou, Wen Jie Nie, Z.R. Liao, X.R. Liang, G.Q. Pan

Abstract: With the higher requirements of product processing, single-function machine can not meet the production needs. By analyzing the principles...

Authors: Yong Lu, Dong Gao, Yi Lei Liu, Z. Sun

Abstract: Ram is a very important component of heavy-duty floor type boring-milling machine, and thermal deformation is a significant source causing...

Authors: Y.C. Jiang, C.L. Zhang, Q.Y. Liang, C.H. Yang

Abstract: In order to develop an China-made high-performance thermal cutting numerical control(NC) system, the thermal cutting process characteristic...

Authors: K.J. Zhao, Zheng Xing Cui, Ke Zhang, De Hong Zhao, Hong Sun

Abstract: Hob plays an important role in the efficiency of Tunnel Boring machine (TBM). In this paper, a rock hob test-bed is designed and developed...

Authors: Yong Geng Wei, Zhong Xian Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the 6-DOF parallel machine tool motion accuracy and reduce error, the impact of the error mapping for Structural...


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