High Speed Machining

Volume 188

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.188

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Authors: A.M. Tang, Z.X. Zhou, W.W. Huang

Abstract: The paper takes the dynamic cutting process as research subject to analyze and research the high-speed milling process. Through carrying out...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Xue, Ning He, Liang Li, Wei Zhao, Qi Wang

Abstract: The axial limit cutting depth(LCD) of constant speed were studied, and the stability lobes were gotten by expriments and simulation. The...

Authors: De Fang Cao, Zhao Hui Deng, Lin Lin Wan, X.H. Zhang

Abstract: Virtual camshaft part is a very important information carrier for camshaft virtual high-speed grinding. The veracity and maturity of process...

Authors: Ai Qin Lin, Min Li Zheng, Yan Gu

Abstract: The present work aims at simulating three-dimensional milling operation of aluminum allo7451.Building a nose ring radius and edge radius...

Authors: Zhe Li, Min Li Zheng, Jia He, Jun Jian Ming

Abstract: The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation which is one of the important embranchment of fuzzy mathematics is often used in the field of science...

Authors: Yong Zhong Wang, Min Li Zheng, Z.Q. Man, W. Li

Abstract: This paper develops a mould computer supported cooperative design platform based on internet. Methods to evaluate the cooperative design...

Authors: Yi Nan Lai, M.J. Zhao, Y. Dai, M.Z. Lai, X. Lai

Abstract: According to the requirements of the ground demonstration test for small-sized docking mechanism, a set of ground test platform was...

Authors: Shi Wu, D.K. Jia, X.L. Liu, F.G. Yan, Y.F. Li

Abstract: A cutting chatter forecast method based on continuous wavelet feature and multi-class spherical Support Vector Machines is studied in this...

Authors: Tao Chen, F.G. Yan, J.S. Hu, Yun Peng Ding, H.Y. Han

Abstract: This paper proposes a new approach to modeling the cutting force, based on friction behavior on tool-chip interface in precision hard...

Authors: Kai Guo, Xian Li Liu, Cai Xu Yue, J.C. Huang, W.T. Li

Abstract: . Large automobile cover die with complex characteristics and high hardness after quenching is mainly applied hard milling. In processing,...


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