High Speed Machining

Volume 188

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.188

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Authors: Yan Xin Wang, Xian Li Liu, C.X. Yue, Fei Xiao, P. Sun

Abstract: A method to identify the effect of tool overhang on vibration signal is put forward to study machining process of large hardened steel...

Authors: Yu Wang, L.Q. Wang, Y.F. Li, Yuan Sheng Zhai, X.L. Liu

Abstract: During precise hard cutting, back cutting depth and feed rate are relatively small. Study on the influence of PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic...

Authors: Gang Wei Cui, D. Gao, L. Wang, Y.X. Yao

Abstract: One of the difficult issues in thermal error modeling is to select appropriate temperature variables. In this paper, two selection...

Authors: Hong Bo Wang, Ying Xue Yao, L. Zhou

Abstract: A viscometer based on velocity attenuation of rotating cylinder is presented in the paper. A solid rotor motor drives the cylinder immersed...

Authors: Yang Jun Wang, M. Zhou, Y.H. Zhao

Abstract: For the purpose of investigating the effect on surface micro-topography of cutting parameters in high speed milling of SiCp/Al Composites,...

Authors: Bing Hui Liu, Li Jun Yang, J. Tang, Yang Wang, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: In recent years, optical manipulators based on forces exerted by enhanced evanescent field close to near-field optical probes have provided...

Authors: L.J. Yang, C.Q. Li, J. Tang, Y. Wang, Y.B. Chen

Abstract: Water-jet guided laser micromachining (WJGLM) is the new development of laser machining. It couples the focal laser beam of particular...

Authors: Yu Kui Wang, X.S. Geng, Zhen Long Wang, D.B. Shan

Abstract: Aiming at machining deep micro-holes in titanium alloy, an experimental approach for EDM adopted a fuzzy control system was introduced. The...

Authors: Yu Kui Wang, Z.Q. Zeng, Zhen Long Wang, Y.S. Huang

Abstract: In this paper, an elastic deformation of the axial foil hydrodynamic thrust bearing used in 100KW gas turbine generator is studied. The...

Authors: Jian Guang Li, Jin Guang Du, Hang Zhao

Abstract: In view of the present machining status of SiC particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites, the electroplated diamond wheel (80# diamond...


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