High Speed Machining

Volume 188

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.188

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Authors: Y.C. Jiang, J.F. Wang, L.J. Zhang, B.S. Huang

Abstract: In order to overcome the low efficiency and precision disadvantages of steel plate position manual correction in the NC(numerical control)...

Authors: Ze Ming Long, S.Q. Guo, G.J. Chen, F. Xiao

Abstract: This paper described a new compound servo drive structure and control method of heavy loading feeding table. Feed and location of table are...

Authors: M.H. Wang, Zhong Hai Liu, Hu Jun Wang

Abstract: In order to improve machined surface quality and reduce the deformation, the residual stress involved in cutting titanium alloy was studied...

Authors: H. Guo, Dong Wang, Li Zhou

Abstract: Chip morphology and segmentation play a predominant role in determining the machinability and tool wear during the machining of SiC...

Authors: J.Q. Li, Tao Tao Dong, Min Jie Wang

Abstract: The adiabatic shear, which may produce serrated chip, usually occurs for a large number of materials in high speed machining. Adiabatic...

Authors: Qiao Ling Yuan, Shi Ming Ji, Da Peng Tan, Li Zhang

Abstract: As it was difficult to solve the near wall characteristics of flow field in softness abrasive flow machining (SAFM) on mould structural...

Authors: Cong Ling Zhu, Wei Zhu Jin, D.R. Ci, Zhi Gang Ding, S.T. Wu

Abstract: Measurement and control system is the key equipment for testing and analyzing of the dynamic characteristics for a nonlinear absorber.It is...

Authors: Yong Li Bi, Zhong Xian Wang

Abstract: For some optical tracking measurement systems, because their size, weight and space structure are very strict restrictions, DC servo motors...

Authors: P.L. Sun, Z.L. Sun, F.G. Jia, Y. Sun, Y. Cao

Abstract: The high-emulation meat with 60% ~ 80% moisture content made use of high humidity extrusion technology. The effect of extrusion system...

Authors: P.L. Sun, L.Z. Jiang, Y. Sun, Z.L. Sun, T.M. Xie, Y. Cao

Abstract: The high-emulation meat with 60% ~ 80% moisture content made use of high humidity extrusion technology was prepared with soybean protein...


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