High Speed Machining

Volume 188

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.188

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Authors: Tong Chao Ding, Song Zhang, Z.M. Li, Yuan Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the orthogonal experiments and the optimization experiments with the same metal removal rate are designed to investigate the...

Authors: Bao Hai Wu, Ming Luo, Ding Hua Zhang, X. Zhou

Abstract: This paper deals with deformation control and chatter suppression in the milling of thin-walled blade. The purpose is to generate tool paths...

Authors: Hao Yang, Xi Bin Wang, Li Jing Xie, J.J. Pei, T. Wang

Abstract: By dry cutting 34CrNiMo6, hard-machined material, with carbide cutting tool and ceramic cutting tool, experimental analysis was carried out...

Authors: Yi Hang Fan, Min Li Zheng, Ming Ming Cheng, D.Q. Zhang

Abstract: The tool life is different when using different tool materials machine Ti6Al4V under different cutting conditions. Based on the experiments...

Authors: Bo Zhao, C.Y. Zhao, G.F. Gao

Abstract: In this paper, on the influence of different dressing methods, such as elliptical ultrasonic vibration, on the grinding wheel bonded delta,...

Authors: Sheng Yuan Ji, Xian Li Liu, Dian Lin Ma, Yun Peng Ding, J. Wu

Abstract: UG template model-based parametric design method plays an important role in improving face milling cutter design efficiency and ensuring...

Authors: Y.H. Shen, Yi Wen Wang, Tao Chen, Hai Ying Han, H. Zhang

Abstract: The large cylinder is difficult processed material, which be based on the analysis of the processing feature of large cylinder, the method...

Authors: Zhong Guang Yu, Xian Li Liu, Yuan Sheng Zhai, Geng Huang He, M. Li

Abstract: Because the tube festivals surface is not round, uneven, so the cutting tool is under impact unceasingly in cutting process. Cutting tool is...

Authors: Xing Fa Zhao, Xian Li Liu, D.K. Jia, Ke Ding

Abstract: Modeling and simulation of ball-end milling cutter has an important means in studying milling process characteristics. Most scholars ignore...

Authors: Zhong Yang Zhao, Y. Wang, K.Q. Li, Cai Xu Yue, W.T. Li

Abstract: Cutting force can response changes in cutting process deeply, so it is important for studying cutting force on revealing the milling...


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