The Overview of Modeling the Thermo-Mechanical Three Dimensional Friction Stir Welding Process


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A three dimensional thermo-mechanical model for FSW is presented. It's based on the model proposed by Alma H. Oliphant et al.[1] and Jacquin, al.[2]. Velocity fields and initial plunge temperature profile are introduced in the steady state calculation of the temperature field during welding. And the non-adiabatic heat transfer conditions between the tool, the work piece, and the backing plate are also applied to the model. So a more accurate temperature will be got. It is anticipated that the model can be extended to optimize the FSW process parameters.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 189-193)

Edited by:

Zhengyi Jiang, Shanqing Li, Jianmin Zeng, Xiaoping Liao and Daoguo Yang






M. L. Jiang et al., "The Overview of Modeling the Thermo-Mechanical Three Dimensional Friction Stir Welding Process", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 189-193, pp. 2129-2133, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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