3-D Finite Element Analysis on a Fillet Weld Sealing Joint in the High-Pressure Hydrogenation Heat Exchanger


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Based on the finite element analysis software ABAQUS, a sequentially coupled fillet welding thermal-stress calculation program was developed to simulate the plate close welding structure. The welding temperature fields and the stress/strain distributions of plate sealing joint of the hydrogenation heat exchanger were obtained. The simulation results showed that there existed higher stress near the fillet weld sealing joint zone and the maximum stress at the start welding point, the plastic strain of the weld joint was lager and a strain mutation occurred on the weld overlay .The analysis of the calculation result provides theory references for controlling the welding residual stress and it’s of great significance to improve the reliability and safety of hydrogenation heat exchanger.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 189-193)

Edited by:

Zhengyi Jiang, Shanqing Li, Jianmin Zeng, Xiaoping Liao and Daoguo Yang




X. F. Lu and C. Zhao, "3-D Finite Element Analysis on a Fillet Weld Sealing Joint in the High-Pressure Hydrogenation Heat Exchanger", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 189-193, pp. 3446-3451, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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