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Authors: Wen Li, Lin Song Yan, De Yuan Zhang
Abstract:Based on ultrasonic elliptical vibration cutting (UEVC) model, kinematical formulas of elliptical vibration cutting(EVC) is established, the...
Authors: Yue Hao Luo, De Yuan Zhang, Hua Wei Chen
Abstract:Magnetron sputtering metallic or non-metallic materials on epoxy resin coating surface can effectively reduce the friction, improve the wear...
Authors: Shuang Ping Yang, Yan Bin Chi, Miao Wang, Yu Xian Duan, Yang Ni, Zhi Yu Wang
Abstract:At the present of the material and fuel, in order to keep good fluidity and high desulfurization capacity of the slag of 380m3 blast furnace...
Authors: An Guo Huang, Wei Huang, Jing Fu Liu, Hu Zhang, Wei Yu, Zhi Yuan Li
Abstract:To analyze the feasibility about diffusion bonding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy (represented by TC4 below) and type 25 low carbon steel (represented by...
Authors: Yong Tian, Zhuang Li
Abstract:In this study, non-lead machinable austenitic stainless steel was investigated through performing the machinability tests using a CA6164...
Authors: Ji Liang Wu, De Yuan Zhang, Xing Gang Jiang
Abstract:This paper analyzed the velocity field of the section between outlet orifice and the conical swirl chamber with a kind of single inlet...
Authors: Wen Jian Wang, Hong Zhuo, Jun Guo, Qi Yue Liu
Abstract:The aim of this study was to investigate the friction and wear behavior of GCr15/1045 steel under different nano-particle additive conditions...
Authors: You Wang Hu, Xiao Yan Sun, Jian Duan
Abstract:Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) with inserting an ultrathin sol–gel titanium oxide (TiO2) buffer layer between the ITO anode...
Authors: Yan Ting Ni, Jing Min Li, Yi Wang, Jin Yao
Abstract:In terms of transforming supply chain into integrated value systems, the benefits of Early Supplier Involvement (ESI) in product development...
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