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Authors: Zhi Min Lin, Bin Yao, Jun Jun Ye, Gao Feng Zheng
Abstract:In order to control the machining process of Direct-Write based on Near-field Electrospinning automatically, an automatic programming system...
Authors: Hai Yan Chen, Wei Li, Pi Mao Chen, Hai Yan Zhang, Jie Xiang Lin
Abstract:The corrosion properties of several common artificial reef materials were studied using electrochemical methods and by measuring corrosion...
Authors: Qiang Shi, Jing Hui Jiang
Abstract:This study describes experiments of testing the color stability of heat-treated okan sapwood samples. Heat-treatment was done at...
Authors: Jun Ming Li, Ai Juan Wang, Yu Peng Lv, Bai Ling Jiang
Abstract:Effect of crystals size, surface area, pore size and porosity of hydroxyapatite microspheres on the loading ability of bovine serum albumin...
Authors: Ji Hang Li, Dong Jian Shi, Na Hu, Wei Fu Dong, Jun Feng Li, Ming Qing Chen
Abstract:In this paper, a novel biodegradable and fluorescent polymer: fluorescein-polylactide (FL-PLA) was synthesized by FL and lactide in the...
Authors: Si Yong Xiong, Ya Mei Xu, Yu Hong Jiao, Lu Wang, Ming Zhong Li
Abstract:The structure and mechanical properties of A. yamamai, A. perny and B. mori silk fibroin films irradiated by gamma ray with various doses of...
Authors: Yun Neng Wang, Yun Qing Ma, Shui Yuan Yang, Xu Liang Liu, Cui Ping Wang, Xing Jun Liu
Abstract:The effects of Nb addition on microstructures, Young’s moduli, tensile properties of Ti-30Ta-xNb (x = 21, 24, 27, 30, wt. %) alloys were...
Authors: Ya Rui Zhang, Shi Jie Li, Hai Xia Bi, Jin He Liu
Abstract:The artificial prosthesises currently used are only different in the femoral head size, neck length and stem thickness, but there is not any...
Authors: Guo Zheng Zhu, Ji Cheng Bai, Yong Feng Guo, Hu Liang Ma, Yan Wu Liu
Abstract:Micro-EDM technology has the advantages of no-contact and no-cutting force, it has been used in many fields. In order to use micro-EDM to...
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