Contact Angle Model and Wettability of Regular Microsurfaces


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Wettability of solid surfaces is one of very important properties, which is governed by both the interface energy and the microstructures. In the paper, four microstructure surfaces were designed such as square concave, column concave, square convex and column convex. The contact angle and wettability of solid surfaces with regular microstructures were discussed for five contact angle models such as Young, Wenzel, Cassie, Cassie-Baxter and Wenzel-Cassie models. Then, the impacts of interfacial energy and microstructures to wettability were analyzed. The study shows that the character of hydrophobic or hydrophilic is decided by the interfacial energy between solid and liquid, and the wettability can be changed by adjusting the parameters of microstructures, such as the ratio of transverse spacing and diameter α, the ratio of longitudinal spacing and diameter β, the ratio of the deep and diameter γ or the ratio of soaking deep and diameter λ. And, the convex microstructure is more propitious to hydrohobic surface than concave microstructure.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 199-200)

Edited by:

Jianmin Zeng, Zhengyi Jiang, Taosen Li, Daoguo Yang and Yun-Hae Kim






X. B. Li and Y. Liu, "Contact Angle Model and Wettability of Regular Microsurfaces", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 199-200, pp. 678-682, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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