Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage by Means of Biological and Chemical Methods


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The formation and treatment of acid mine drainage is the biggest environmental problems relating to mining and processing activities in the worldwide. Various methods are used for the sulphates and heavy metals removal from acid mine drainage in the world, but any of them is universal. Main aim of the paper is the interpretation of chemical and biological-chemical methods for the metals and sulphates removal from acid mine drainage sample. The chemical method is based on the sulphates precipitation by the sodium aluminate in combination with the calcium hydrate. The biological-chemical method is based on the application of sulphate-reducing bacteria (SRB). A sample of acid mine drainage from the abandoned and flooded deposit of Smolník located in Slovak republic was used in this study.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 20-21)

Edited by:

Axel Schippers, Wolfgang Sand, Franz Glombitza and Sabine Willscher




A. Luptakova et al., "Remediation of Acid Mine Drainage by Means of Biological and Chemical Methods", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 20-21, pp. 283-286, 2007

Online since:

July 2007




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