Aerodynamic Analysis of Pickup Truck


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The present study focuses on the aerodynamics of pickup trucks. The CFD software FLUENT was used to simulate flow field around a pickup truck in this paper. Numerical simulation was taken on a 1/5th pickup truck model. The surface pressure distribution, the wake velocity distribution of the special profiles and the flow structures were obtained. The research indicted that there was a recirculation flow region over the bed for pickup truck. The cab shear layer did not interact directly with the tailgate, flowing above the top of the tailgate. There was a downwash flow in the symmetry plane behind the tailgate with no reverse flow region in the symmetry plane, and the formation of two smaller recirculation flow regions was on both sides of the symmetry plane. Mean flow fields in the near wake of the cab showed a weak pair of counter-rotating vortices behind the cab. In the cross-flow planes behind the tailgate, the mean flow fields show strong counter-rotating vortices behind the tailgate. Instantaneous flow fields in the cross-flow planes of the pickup truck near wake showed compact vortex structures located randomly in space.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 201-203)

Edited by:

Daoguo Yang, Tianlong Gu, Huaiying Zhou, Jianmin Zeng and Zhengyi Jiang






X. N. Qi et al., "Aerodynamic Analysis of Pickup Truck", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 201-203, pp. 1296-1299, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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