Advanced Manufacturing Systems, ICMSE 2011

Volumes 201-203

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Wang, Bin Zhu, Yi Sheng Zhang, Jie Shi, Han Dong

Abstract: Hot-stamping molding for ultra-high-strength steel have some similarities with traditional cold-stamping molding in the aspects of molding...

Authors: Lei Jiang, Guo Fu Ding, Bin Bin Xie, Jian Min Wang

Abstract: According to the requirements of high-speed machining, the feed rate control algorithm based on the acceleration-deceleration control and...

Authors: Zhen Zhong Hu, Fang Qiang Yu, Guo Xing Li, Zhong Li Wang

Abstract: The accurate spatial 3D models and corresponding coordinates of every key point are needed to determine the sizes, shapes, and locations of...

Authors: Zhou Bo Xu, Tian Long Gu, Liang Chang, Feng Ying Li

Abstract: The compact storage and efficient evaluation of feasible assembly sequences is one crucial concern for assembly sequence planning. The...

Authors: Kun Li, Tie Xiong Su, Xiao Jie Li, Shi Xin Xing

Abstract: The distortion of the cylinder liners of internal combustion engines has a significant affect on engine operation. It can affect the oil...

Authors: Cheng Wang, Xiong Wei Yang, Bao Kun Yang

Abstract: CAD / CAE technology has led traditional product design and analysis to digital. However, commercial CAD / CAE software also has its...

Authors: Jian Sheng Liu, Hai Ning Tu, Fang Chen Xia, Jun Xing Xiong

Abstract: To satisfy the manufacturing requirement of tyre tread pattern mold, the problem of machining region planning in the computer aided...

Authors: Xin Zhou Zhang, Shang Bin Wang, Kai Wu, Yu Sun

Abstract: The structural characteristics of a laminating press were analyzed, and the corresponding finite element model was built with some essential...

Authors: Hong Bo Dong, Wei Zhang

Abstract: To reduce the weight of the electric scooter frame, magnesium alloy is used to replace the steel. At the same time, the frame structure and...


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