High Current Extended DC Arc Plasma CVD for Mass Production of Diamond Film Coated Hard Metal Cutting Tools


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Diamond film coated hard metal cutting tools are indispensible for high efficiency machining of materials which are difficult to cut by ordinary tools, and are successfully used in the dry cutting of high silicon content Al-Si cast alloys, graphite, carbon reinforced composite (CRFC) and metal matrix composite (MMC) , ceramics, and many other materials. In the present presentation, a novel process of High Current Extended DC Arc (HCEDCA) plasma CVD for mass production of diamond film coated hard metal cutting tools is presented. Besides, a novel process for the pretreatment of the hard metal cutting tool substrate, which involves the idea of “surface engineering” consisting of boronizing and alkaline and acidic etching is also discussed, by which the adhesion of the diamond film coating to the hard metal substrate can be greatly enhanced. Highly adherent and uniform diamond film coatings are successfully obtained. Diamond film coated WC-6wt%Co indexable tool bits, drills, endmill samples have been produced and been shown having excellent cutting performance by field cutting tests in dry cutting of Al-12%Si cast alloy and Al-15% SiC MMC materials.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 211-212)

Edited by:

Ran Chen




F. X. Lu et al., "High Current Extended DC Arc Plasma CVD for Mass Production of Diamond Film Coated Hard Metal Cutting Tools", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 211-212, pp. 766-769, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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