Unequal Deformation Characteristics of In-Plane Roll-Bending of Strip with Considering Spread Effects


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The spread contributes to the material flow significantly in the in-plane roll-bending of strip and affects the forming precision of the process. To realize precision forming, the unequal deformation characteristics considering spread effects are addressed by employing finite element simulation. The results show that: (1) the rolling pressure is nonuniformly distributed along the ring width with the maximum value occurs near but not at the outer rim of the formed ring part; (2) there is a spreading region near the outer rim, and the spread becomes larger with an increase in average reduction; (3) the nonlinear elongation of the strip along the width direction induces the inner radius to vary at a quadratic law with increasing average reduction. The inner radius reaches a minimum value of 34.1mm with an average reduction of 25.2%.



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Zhang Yushu




Z. J. Li et al., "Unequal Deformation Characteristics of In-Plane Roll-Bending of Strip with Considering Spread Effects", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 213, pp. 378-382, 2011

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February 2011




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