Study on Three-Dimension Computer Simulation of Plain Knitted Fabrics


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How to achieve a realistic computer simulated effect of plain knitted fabric was explored in this article based on analyzing the geometric model of plain knitted fabric loop. In Visual C++ and OpenGL environment, select the circle as cross-section and use cubic B-Spline curve to simulate the yarn path, then the three-dimensional computer simulation of plain knitted fabric is realized in its general condition and it’s shear condition. The simulation results distinctly show the intermeshed loops and transformation effects of knitted structure in three-dimensional space.



Edited by:

Zhang Yushu




Y. L. Li et al., "Study on Three-Dimension Computer Simulation of Plain Knitted Fabrics", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 213, pp. 595-599, 2011

Online since:

February 2011




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